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This gallery is a sample of art work that WomensGlass has created and sold over the years.  Just a way to see what talent will be brought to your creation.

Picture Frames

All the frames are created from colorful stained glass and other  materials, such as, glass / ceramic tiles, pressed glass jewels, pebbles, antique glass jewels.  Some frames are made for the picture and some are made on request.


All the panels were created on request.  Contact WomensGlass with your custom ideas.


Let's see what we can make. 

Business Card and Brochure Holders

The holders are all created with stability in mind.  The card holders all stretch out the back and mostly have clear glass of some sort on the front.  Some card holders were built for the card.  Brochure holders are sturdy and will not tip easily.  Custom holders can be created just for you!

Stained Glass House Numbers

Make your home distinctive with a personalized house number.  These were created by individual request.

Almost all have 3" numbers for easy visibility.

What can we make for you?

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